lessons in life

Thursday, September 06, 2007

There was a man seated on a bench outside a massive recreation building. A moment later another man arrives at the facility. The second man walks to the front doors and seizing the handle he attempts to open the glass and aluminum barrier. The doors were locked but rather than seeking a side entrance or shouting or thumping on the door he remained on course and continued to push and pull against the doors as though they would open through sheer determination.

The lock held and the man seated on the bench quietly observing this debacle finally could no longer hold his tongue and made remarks. "Do not be discouraged! Keep trying!" At last the man rattling the lock ceased his efforts and releasing the doors looked to the speaker as though seeing him for the first time. Striding over to the bench and without warning he delivered a clenched fist swung from high above his advisors head crashing down upon the center of thought and speech. As the man on the bench regained his composure his assailant simply turned about and walking the way he had come, left the locked doors behind him.


Jamez said...


desparado said...

moral of the story?

The Devil Uno said...

I was the guy on the bench, I learned to shut my yap.