Lunar Eclipse

Monday, August 27, 2007

I woke up later than I expected. My body aches from the extended physical demands of my long night, the drudgery of hours spent in toil deep in the northern forest of my home. The ringing in my ears reminds me I need custom fitted noise suppression to distance myself even further from the infernal orchestra of the machine spirits consuming the flesh of our mother.Trees transformed into dark towers in defiance of natural order. Demonic teeth screaming in glee as they chew the living pillars (which once held our skies above our heads) into the infrastructure of our diseased civilization of explosive expansion and destructive abandon.

Amidst this gory rape of woodlands is an army of armor clad men. They conduct this symphony of grim annihilation. I am one of these men. Arisen from the long night spent greasing the gears of industry.
The landscape is bleak. The trees litter their leaves upon the chemical stained green turf. The sun wanes in the sky its light cool and weak against my skin. The sunflowers are in full bloom their petals unfurled to the cold night. The last of the brave garden creatures lays dead at my feet, a gift or sacrifice from my ruthless pet conducting her perverse holocaust upon the rodents which dare to feed upon my juicy strawberry patch.

There is a lunar eclipse tonight. An astrological anomaly that occurs only when the Sun, Earth and Moon are in perfect alignment. The Moon will appear as blood red when it falls under the earths shadow. I feel a primitive urge to celebrate.


covert.c said...

The animated GIF is awesome, now I don't have to go outside to look. Thanks!

The Lazy Iguana said...

That was awesome. You have a way with words.

My cats never catch anything except small garden lizards. Maybe this is because there are no rats? Could be. With as many cats as are roaming about the place here - the rats probably learned to stay away.

The Devils Scribe said...

A scourge on all pests! Unleash the Cats!