Night Lasts a Little Longer

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Please Edit Later Uno

So the sun seems not so bright and the mornings take longer to see. Though times all perception and grim repetition, slowly at first and then all at once suddenly everythings changed. The darkness falls fast and cold. The night and the cold and the lack of sunlight and then the dread sound that silence has found once the birds have stop singing and flee until only the crows remain. The trees fall asleep and drop all their leaves on the dewy frost hallowed ground. The children impolitely wear masks and make unreasonable demands . But the candy they stole before there was snow will never last the long night.


Zanitram said...

Day's seemingly shrinking.

Mitzzee said...

by the minute it seems, this week anyway.

The Lazy Iguana said...

So this means winter is almost here? Good. It really needs to cool off down here. And hurricane season needs to be over.

Do me a favor, tell the days to hurry up and get very short already :)