Working Title: Grim Tales and Fairy Dust

Friday, November 09, 2007


A Nice Place to Live

Once upon a time, before science and television. There were no large cities like there is today and not nearly as many people. There were lots of little villages near good places to live. People liked to be friends and help each other with important jobs like building barns for horses and fences to keep the sheep from being eaten by hungry wolves. Sometimes a big village would put build a really big castle and put a king in charge of keeping all the sheep safe from wolves and so no one got confused they would make the king wear a big shiny hat called a crown.


Zanitram said...

Albeit choppy and unedited, the weavings of a true world emerge as Bushell spins to life this enchanting fantasy.

The Devil Uno said...

Wow my first comment! is unedited and the idea is to stitch together the seemingly unrelated events. I plan to do that over my Xmas Shutdown when I have 3weeks to hammer out some words. Like last year when I started this fucker.