This little Spine of Mine

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The winter storm lasted only two days and dropped some 35cm of snow. The power grid was offline and the driving conditions had left the highways littered with the wreckage of overturned light duty trucks and 4x4's. Hell froze over with that storm, I know because the sawmill had no power. The word came down the pipe and we were sent home early. I got home and decided to do some shoveling of the driveway. I slapped on my toque gloves and relevant equipment mp3 player to pump me up and got humping on the snow. Half an hour later my steel reinforced snow shovel had shattered under the weight of the snow and ice. I kept pounding at the driveway until a moment later my spine shattered under the weight of my pride. The next day the weather turned from snow to rain and my suffering was all for nothing.