Thursday, March 06, 2008

There is a place in my town where I take my meals.
A bizarre little deli from places unknown.
Jars of strange pickles with scribbles unread.
Mascots with mustaches wink and invite.
Taste a delicious mystery on every shelf.
Cabbage rolls on Thursdays but anytime is good.
Babushkas smile as they sling sausage.
Fearsome bulk I will gain.
Eating rich cheeses made from pig brains.


Anonymous said...

Where Can I find such a wonderful place?!

The Devil Uno said...

Adria Deli on Massey.

Anonymous said...

i as well have been to that deli ... and it is truely grand i would say so myself ... mmm the pickles, sweeet mother of god those juicey fuckin pickles ... i mean those thing are quite exceptional, you bite into one of those fuckers without knowin what yer in for, and you straight up risk drowning in brine ... fuck those are good pickles.
from the wastelands