Never Break the Chain

Friday, March 07, 2008

Sometimes its important to make that extra effort and get up early and go to the gym. By starting my day early I find I get a lot more accomplished and truly enjoy the mundane tasks and chores. I ascribe this renewed energy on the endorphines flowing through my blood. The boost is handy for carrying out everything else I do. Although the excersice has certainly had an effect on my aggression. I am more prone to angry thoughts. Its hard enough to endure the ignorance of my fellow citizens let alone when my heart rate is increased and muscles twitch. I have not by any means had an unpleasant or violent confrontation but I do recognize those urges. The benefits of developing positive habits and self improving far outweigh my uber sense of self. So its imperative I continue my death march each morning. I feel like I am accomplishing something.


Anonymous said...

Ah indeed you are ... for every morning you drag yourself, it is phsical supremacy which you are accomlishing. Such a grand feat to behold ... to be able to look at ones fellow man ... and think "Bitch ... i could break you" And to be able to go about your day knowing that you have trained, know that when the fuckin zomebies come (lets keep our fingers crossed shall we) ... yes when the zombies reign a flesh feasting apocalypse upon us, you will be ready. Of course idealy we will all be armed to the teeth with various guns and weapons of viscious evisceration ... but when it really comes down to it, how incredibly satisfying would it be to jsut pick up a machette and hack one of those bastards up mmm? And really once the horror wears off and we are all comfortable with the fact that the dead have risen ... i am sure that there will be all sorts of sporting events based on zombie slaughter, and i am also sure that the big points will not be in a sweet shotgun massacre, but will lie in your abitlity to take a more hands on approach. So in closing ... where was i before the zombies?? Ah yes ... the gym ... it is good that you go every morning Bryce, for many reasons ...
from the wastelands