Ants are Sheppards

Thursday, July 28, 2005

While watering my Sunflowers I noticed that there were a few ants on one of them, having lost several plants to an aphid infestation last summer I was determined to discover the correlation between ants and aphids.

Honeypot ants tend their aphids and periodically “milk” them for their honeydew secretions by stroking the aphids gently with their antennae. Ants will aggressively protect their aphids and may even move them when they are in danger, transferring them into temporary shelters or new nests. Some ant species also move their aphids into underground burrows during the winter months.

A fascinating and symbiotic relationship. I killed the ants and their flock of aphids with raid pesticide and yet I cant help but be a little distrubed by the insect worlds development of agriculture.


whitney said...

can u tell me how to get rid of centapieds? you're so smart

thedeviluno said...

Sun Tzu's Art of War recomends we know our enemy.

Centipedes are predators and generally play a beneficial role in the garden. Their activities should be encouraged in the yard. Reductions in the number of household centipedes occur when their food source--other household pests--is controlled. Airing out damp places may help. Outdoors, centipede control is aided by the removal of debris and sealing cracks in the house around doors windows and plumbing.

The Lazy Iguana said...

God bless DDT.

But seriously, I refuse to use any chemicals on my lawn. If the bugs eat it, that means I do not have to bust out with the lawn mower as often.

Pesticide use just leads to insect resistance to chemicals. I had a neighbor who used to spray his lawn monthly for chinch bugs. The chemicals killed the worms, and everything else. His lawn was NEVER as healthy as mine. And it got to the guy that me, the person who never did anything to the lawn - and who actually did stuff to attempt to prevent growth, had a greener lawn than he did.

Carrie said...

you certainly do have a green thumb. every plant i've ever owned has died. and YES i tried to take care of them.

B said...

ummm i used i have ladybugs in my bathroom in my last home. all the time, ladybugs. and aphids in my herbs. i miss having soil under my nails.

Anonymous said...

I have centipedes in my house. Generally in the basement and first floor. They have to go! What do I do? What type of pesticide and/or process do I use??? Please help!