Happy Halloween

Monday, October 31, 2005

My Diablo Pumpkin

I carved the pumpkin with diablo in respect of the great lord of chaos and the closest I have ever come to a God. Turns out my neighbor has a pumpkin stencil kit which requires no artistic talent so I have some pretty stiff competition in the "keeping up wit da Jonases" Later on that night my blood brother set off some fireworks which drew out all my neighbors with satisfied oos and awe's. My kid requested a 'classic' Jack 'o' Lantern, apparently the inverted diablo pumpkin was not festive enough.

We didnt hit much more than a half a dozen houses on our block mostly people we knew. This was my childs second attempt at trick or treating and she did much better this year. We saw all sorts of ghosts and goblins and even the odd werewolf or two, Phoenix was dressed as the good witch Glinda with a pink conical hat to warn the good grown ups of her un-natural predisposition to witch-craft (to extort candy) and so as not to confuse her for a princess. Much like the tropical snakes and frogs will adopt bright colors to strike fear into their enemies. However even good witchs get scared and so like the character in Wizard of Oz, my child fled at the first signs of trouble. Often running away from people answering the doors in masks and screaming in fright as larger faster shuffling zombies blew past the pink witch. Best Halloween evar. Oh and here are some of the best pumpkin carvings I have ever seen.


Zanitram said...

Ya i had fun too.. today it was like stealing candy from a baby.