Eve Online

Saturday, February 18, 2006

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The game is a space simulator, not a flight simulator. Those in the know call it the "thinking mans MMO" which is probably due to the intense strategic aspects of this game. Heres a quote from the FAQ.

The game is set in an unknown portion of space, spanning thousands of solar systems, many of which are settled. Players begin by creating an in-game character equipped with a basic spaceship ready to explore the world. As they get acquainted with life in EVE, players can trade goods between systems or conduct other money-making ventures such as mining asteroids, transporting goods as a courier or even cleaning up debris for recycling. Financial gains made through such activities can be used to upgrade the ship with weapons and equipment and also to develop the character by purchasing skill packs used for training him or her in various skills he will need to advance in the world of EVE.
When a player has mastered the basics of the game, aquired some money and equipment and advanced his or her character through basic skills, the possibilities become almost endless. Players who wish to explore peaceful paths may continue to upgrade their ships to bigger and better cargo vessels with high-end defenses, purchase advanced mining or research equipment and continue to develop their characters by specializing in their preferred skills. Others may elect to pursue a more dangerous path such as piracy, smuggling or bounty hunting.

Thats some pretty basic intel. Check out the official website for more info. I have been playing this game on and off since the beta test and its very fun. I have to start from scratch now as I recently sold my account on Ebay for a nice chunk of change. Damn my greed, damn it to hell.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your loss its are greatest triumph

thedeviluno said...

The Kings English, man! For godsakes speak the tongue of the realm!

Anonymous said...

so if ive got this right.... this is the game thats so boring you need another game to play and keep your attention while you are playing it? sounds like a winner