Evil Empire

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm playing a tactical space sim. I have founded an Evil empire bent on galactic domination. Its epic and really hard and with no multiplayer functions I get melancholy knowing there are no human players at the end of my campaign. Its like playing Risk without your buddies little sister ruling australia and sobbing and begging you not to land shock troops on her sovereign land. Its not the same when the computer begs me to spare the women and children. Maybe cause I know the computer doesnt really care, meh. It lacks a certain visceral experience.

I have had a really difficult time getting registered for University. The application is as difficult to fill out as any tax form and at least as expensive. Nevertheless I wanted to get into Computer Science maybe programing and start with Java. Heck I used to be able to read music notations and I can read and write french. Computer languages should be a peice of cake. On the other hand Im better at talking than hacking on code. I would make a better lawyer I suspect. If it wasnt for that one class I took on Tort Law that changed my mind on becoming a Squire. When they said Tort I thought they said Tart and said Yes please! Imagine my disapointment when instead of a nice mincemeat pie I get the rules on litigation for civil wrongs. But if all goes well my super advanced alien civilization will still show up and offer me the job as Tyrant.


Kafka said...

Tort law - bad.
University - good.
Learning Java - great.
Gameblogging - excellent. More more! :-)

thedeviluno said...

Im not even trying to game blog really....its just such an important part of my life that it keeps spilling out when I open my mouth to talk about maybe more important stuff, wait a sec....

thedeviluno said...

ahem which is why i want to learn coding so I can hack out these great game ideas.