Nothing to Report

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My life is fairly dull and when you cant go outside cause its raining and have nothing to do you have nothing to say and nothing to talk about. I might try to snap some pictures to add. In the regrets department my PSP has become an oversized paperweight. It would be awesome if I could justify running out and dropping the 200bucks on a 4gig hard drive and rip movies to it but I just cant as I have two dvd machines at home and a couple computers to play games. Rendering the psp all but redundant.


b1alpha said...

PSP is for the trips. If you go on any.. I mean can you play mp3's on it? yes, movies you can buy and games you can play. Its great when you are not at home, thats whats its for, of course at home its a paperweight. Go out with it for walks etc.

b1alpha said...

I would get the hd if I were you. I am just moding my xbox with a hd, even though I dont have to, its great when I take it to somewhere adn I have a million games on it. Or music, or dvds. Just like a psp only bigger and not as portable.

Anonymous said...

DAMN THE RAIN AND SNOW! Well, where else in the world can you have +18 on a tuesday and then on wednesday have about 15cm of snow?
Gotta love PG

b1alpha said...

2-1082 Davie St
V8S 4E3

The Lazy Iguana said...

I do not use my PSP very often either. Its cool and stuff, but nobody else I know has one so that pretty much rules out ad-hock wireless network games. The web browser in it sucks, so that rules out using it on the web when I do not feel like bringing my laptop.

There are 2 gig SD-RAM chips now, so with some compression you can rip movies to them. They are way less than the PSP 4 gig drive.

But I think what I need are more games. Then I would use the thing more.

b1alpha said...

send it. I will use that baby. ps my xmod failed because my xbox is revision 1.0. damn, send me the psp