Friday, October 27, 2006

Im so super pumped for this.


b1alpha said...

whats with the last line,"before this is over, you will know few stood against many" thats so general, who wants to know that. He could have said, ..will know, we were severly outnumbered, but since we were all big dick mofo's we obviously were going to win.. This is going to be like realy redneck dumb warmongering USA mindset crap hollywood. Kill yourself and let peacefull people with good personal skills and low cromag-ness take your stupit ass place. Like why do we care about what some asshole did to kill people, what an ASSHOLE! Humans are so kewl sometimes, it just makes me want to medatate.

Anonymous said...

makes me wanna beat my hairy chest! :P Does this show have a story? Looks sweet non the less, but thats probly cuz im feeling manly...
BTW what ever happened to brendor the barbarian!!!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Actuall, this movie will be the opposite of all the war mongering crap going on thanks to W.

1. The Spartians were defending their actual homeland, not invading someone elses land.

2. The Persians were the invaders.

3. A handful of men who believed in their cause stood up against an army 30,000 strong and did enough damage to cause the massive force to call off the invasion.

Ill go see it. The clips look cool.

Anonymous said...

3rendor the barbarians testicles were lost in a great battle. they've been bronzed like baby shoes & now, shriveled & useless, reside on a mantle beside a vase of dead flowers
tristan the conquerer

this flick looks so so good. i think ill watch this one on a big screen