Nature is my dealer.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I have recently become concerned about the fatty tissue that grows upon my torso like moss on a damp rock. Cold winter brings about changes in mind and body the insticnt to feed and sleep becomes greater than common sensibilities. Modern man must ignore these reptile urges. Excess does not sit well within the metamind of western civilizations. Over eating and lack of excersice is a sign of weakness and a failure of restraint. My own self loathing has reached something of an impass mirrored by a debate raging within intellectual communities regarding the use of supplemental science and fitness.
Considering the demands our culture places upon the individual to work 50hours a week still find time to go to the gym and prepare healthy nutrional meals it must come as no suprise that need fueling innovation; science has largely solved this modern quandary with pharmacuticals. In a golden age of enlightenment, it falls to each of us to decide what lengths we are willing to go to achieve a lean body in a society of gluttony.

With proffesional athletes and icons using diet pills performance enhancing drugs and every chemical known to man to enhance their image and success it suprises me that the common person (myself included) would find exception to the use of chemistry or label it "cheating". Cheating at what I ask? What rules are being broken? Who made the Rules? Nature may not have granted us the ability to synthesis hormones but in her wisdom Nature also did not
cure Polio or give us anti-septics. If life is a game the dealer is Nature and the goal is to Win. Nature wants you to (win) I would bet my life.


Anonymous said...

nature wants to take your life from you and this dealer isn't fussy about when to collect, polio is on the rise again, every step forward is a step closer to death...
for a lot of people drugs work