Country Mouses Guide to Economics

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Saving Money
Heres a tip to city mouse from country mouse. You enjoy refreshing beverages? Prehapes you have an exotic taste for delicious eastern tea? That way when you drink it, you can feel all fancy with your hard to pronounce drink and your big brain and big words. You think to yourself 'I need to go to a special coffee shop where they service my frivilous impules'. So you walk into starbux "Gimee a Chai Latte" you say's to the half crazy baristo. Only thats when youre big brain just plum stops thinking. You hand over some extravagent amount of money and you get milked instead of the other way around. So heres a Tip City mouse, go next door to the grocery store and buy yourself some chai tea mix, the same stuff they sold you at the coffee shop only you get 10x the amount of refreshing beverage for the same price. You can still staisfy your need to feel better than everyone else; only this way you are at the least, a little richer.


covert.c. said...

Dear _Country_Mouse_,

Thank-you for your interest in Starbucks®!

We have reviewed your recent application for the position of __spokesperson__, and although your skills in __pounding_it_into_the_ass_of_you_corporate_fucks__ are highly sought-after and valuable assets to the proliferation of coffee culture™ in America® and abroad, we unfortunately chose someone else to join our winning team.

Again, thank-you for choosing Starbucks™. We enclose this coupon for 1 free Chai® Latte® (redeemable when purchasing four (4)).

Starbucks™ World Headquarters
lat -0.0009493 long -1.000324
elev. -400m
Pacific Ocean

© 2006 Starbucks™ Coffee™ Oligarchy

Skitzzee said...

even some big city kids know starbucks is a God damn rip off:

check out (videos) there's one on starbucks and he tells it like it is, no holds barred. beauty.

b1alpha said...

Men know how to be frugal, its the women who drink these drink generally. Chai this, fancy drink that.. Point is, No real man drinks that junk, that is left for no self estem blank_ers and blank_pounders.

PS> your codex graphic is too fx#@ small, make it higher so it looks ok on larger this super high definition, and extrememly expensive displays I require to read blogs.

The Lazy Iguana said...

You can buy tea by the box at Starbucks. I got a box of some red tea stuff for like $5. It came with 20 tea bags I think? Something like that.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of overpriced coffee and such, I had a meeting with Jim from international coffee. Jim owns the company I bought my new coffee makers from for my place of employment. When the dust settled after well 6 or 7 cups of coffee I had spent close to $55 000 on coffee making machines. But on the flip side of that where I work you can get a latte for $1.50 made by espresso machines far superior to the ones used at second cup or star bucks. So where I work not only can you give your ego a boost by drinking your skim milk decaffeinated, with extra sugar free sugar added latte, you can also save your wallet a little pain, that is if you stay away from the entertainment. 


b1alpha said...

OMFG Sam that sounds like a lot of money for coffee machines, and yea I know you like your coffee but what kind of budget allows for that? Your return on 1.50 lattes.. hrm lets do some calcs.

assumptions - 75C cost on latte
- 400 custermers a day ( generous)

[55000 / (1.50 - .75)]/400 coffee a day
= 183 days untill you break even. hrm thats not bad actauly

Anonymous said...

My company will never ever need to really make money of a latte, My Evil Empire makes starbucks look like Mary Poppins


Anonymous said...

My company will never ever need to really make money of a latte, My Evil Empire makes starbucks look like Mary Poppins