Happy Food Festival

Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanksgiving today hmm, I bought some turkey steaks to avoid the long and tedious process of preparing the feast of roast beast. Stuffing trimmings all the works and faster than you can say jack rabbit. I also managed to hit the Gym today breaking a long absence from the inner sanctum of strength. I had a lot of free time this weekend and mostly spent it cleaning up the yard harvesting the pumpkins putting the garden to rest for the long winter. Cleaned out the toolshed that sort of thing. I will also be moving my study back to its rightful place, beneath the dark good earth down below in the dungeon. I did manage to fire off a doodle while I was twiddling my thumbs at 3am last night, I'll be using it as my new profile pic.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Dude - I got a turkey fry kit a few years ago. It is pretty sweet.

You can go from a thawed, raw, 20 pound turkey to dinner in roughly 1 hour. Once the oil hits 350 degrees F cooking time is 3 minutes per pound.

The down side is that you need 4 or so gallons of peanut oil. You can collect and re-use the oil, but how many times a year does one have a need to fry a turkey?

But - if you get the neighbors to pitch in for the oil (it is about $6 US a gallon) then you can set up a turkey fry production line and offset some of the cost.

Or, you can be a super hero at work and lug the setup in. Get people to pitch in a few bucks for whole dead birds to fry and go at it. You will obtain legendary status among your fellow wage slaves.

Anonymous said...

You may also have a heart attack :D
:P (a god damn gallon of oil... :|*
gotta love the holidays :P

Skitzzee said...

very cool !!