Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Since the onset of winter I have hardly seen that burning ball of gas which envelopes our planet in warm life sustaining radiation. I rise in the morning long before the Sun and spend any daylight hours indoors, leading me to sincerely doubt the presence of natural light. The dark winter has robbed me of my warm tan and rendered me pale. A frightening visage of unlife a soul unattached to the source. I cannot be sure whether the ringing in my ears is a consequence of Rawk or the prelude to Ragnarok played out upon the Horn of Valhalla. My long commute from the salt mines includes a treacherous winding road built by the military to servise a radar base. The abrubpt turns and twisting path was designed to deter hostile aviators from landing aircraft on Sovereign soil. Its legacy is a civilian death toll in the hundreds. I saw no less than four overturned vehicles and even one tractor trailer and cargo in the ditch. Every accident lit by emergency flares and ambulance strobes. The urge to stare in wild eyed horror overcoming my better senses and morbid fascination with carnage winning out over the bliss of ignorance.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Air Canada has several non-stop flights daily to Miami Florida. I assure you, the sun is still here, waiting for you. If you really want to get away from the darkness, you can fly to Miami then change planes to Key West.

If you ever do this, here is a good tip. If you are going to fly Air Canada, make your Key West connection on Continental / Gulfstream. These airlines operate out of the same concourse as Air Canada (G). If you fly in on American Airlines, then your connection should be American Eagle.

You will not have to leave the secure area, and you will claim all your stuff in Key West. The sun will be waiting for you there.

covert.c. said...

Or slightly further, you could come to Aussie. :)

If it's any consolation, it was ten degrees here today. TEN, with the wind blowing full-strength off the Tassie Sea. Take your scalp right off, seriously. It was insane.

Zanitram said...

Quickest way to the sun is to head straight down your street.. take a right then a left at the lights.. immediately turn to the right into the parking lot of the Tanning salon. Go inside.

Don't forget your margarita.