Magic and Mayhem

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I got my computer upgraded and I am now playing through NWN2. I cant be sure but I think I may have stimulated neurogenic growth. The feats of mental acrobatics has no doubt reinforced my logic and compounded by the long trance state of rebuilding sophisticated electronics with a steady hand has raised my constitution and skills. I could add that I was short on help as my wizard companion shifted alignment from Lawful Neutral to Chaotic. Leaving me to study ancient Tomes and memorize incantations on my own. However the rewards are self evident as I have triumphed over adversity to create an attending spirit to conduct my nether powers and see through its eyes the horizon of distant worlds and predict the events of futures unfold.
Behold my new power.
The next week will be Cold.

LOW -5°C-5°C-9°C-13°C-15°C-14°C


The Lazy Iguana said...

What is the meaning of that dash before those numbers? I never see that here.

gtalk said...

thats funny iguana =P yep makes me feel sad at the same time though

The Lazy Iguana said...

Sometimes, I feel like going to Canada in the dead of winter. Just to see if I can handle it. Real cold is unknown in South Florida. Here, one can almost go to the beach year round.

UNO said...

Let me describe it to you from someone dealing with sub temperatures. The moment you walk outside your hands begin to sting from the cold as the internal temperature of your exposed flesh plummets. The stinging becomes a burning sensation within the first minute and after 15minutes of exposure the flesh begins to freeze as frost bite kills nerves and blackens flesh. Eventually you can no longer feel the cold and as your body begins to feel warm and euphoric as hypothermia sets in your brain releases endorphines for the oncoming dirt nap, at these temps you can die within 90minutes.