Saturday, April 05, 2008

Where have all the good blogs gone? Thank the Gods Lazy Iguana is still smithing his words and props to Darth Foreskin for his relentless postings which I find ever so entertaining. These blogs are giants among political midgets. They ask the hard questions and I salute them as defenders of truth and liberty.

After centuries of thought crime and extreme oppression the Pendulum has swung in favor of the individuals rights over that of church and state. The blogosphere is a fat slut of a libertine and burns the heretical puritans at the stake with the searing flames of social commentary. Shrouded in the executioners hood of anonymity, blogs set torch to status quo. If there were more people willing to go witch-hunting the world would be a warmer place.

Ink and quill is a wholesome pastime, fun for the nuclear family. The awesome levels of sitting here at my keyboard really gets my heart pumping, red-lines my tachometer(either that or the dozen or so cups of coffee I drink before sitting down at my desk nerve itchy and restless) I may spend some time hitting the random blog button in the hopes of discovering a Lucidus Luminosis. A pretend Latin phrase I invented to describe my alumni. I have deleted too many friends and must restore my coin purse of companionship to seam bursting quantity.


The Lazy Iguana said...

I ask the hard questions? Such as "should I really attempt to live on a sailboat" and "who would win in a fight, Samuel Adams or Samuel Smith"?

These are very important questions. Politicians think they know what the important issues are, but Ill bet none of them could tell a Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale from a Sam Adams Boston Lager.

I like the "giant among political midgets". I may steal that and make it the next sub-title thing. Currently it is "a little island of wasted bandwidth in a vast sea of internet porn".

Jason said...

You still have me big guy!